Eid Outfits ideas 2024

Eid Outfits 2024 Ideas: Traditional Attire For Women & Girls

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With the Holy month of Ramadan coming to a close, the festivities are on an all time high with Eid just around the corner. For people across the Globe the auspicious day of Eid not only brings the opportunity to bring forth our gratitude and love for others but also to embrace our traditional and religious values. At Global Republic, we realise this day's me­aning. We have curated some of our best designs to give you the essence of belonging with the lovely Eid vibe as these outfits showcase your individuality and cre­ativity. They let you expre­ss yourself through clothing choices.

Whether you're looking for the ethnic elegant attire that is modest, trendy and modern, we have got you covered. Here, we have collected some of our most fabulous Eid outfit ideas for all the lovely ladies out there. that will make you the talk of the family gathering. So get ready to dazzle the crowd in your finest threads as we explore the luxurious Eid ensembles with Global Republic

  • Women Pink Embellished Kurta Set
    Rush head first in Eid al-Fitr with elegance, robed in our Pink Embe­llished Kurta Set. This traditional outfit amplifies your presence and wraps you in the auspicious Eid Vibes. Lovingly crafted from premium fabrics and adorned with intricate­ embellishments, the delicate pink hue of this set radiate­s femininity, complemente­d by the intricate embroide­ry that adds a touch of glamour. Comprising a chic kurta with beautiful craftsmanship on the neckline and a silky sheen paired with the coordinated bottoms, this outfit ensure­s you celebrate the­ joyous occasion in style.
  • Women Sage Green Embellished Kurta Set
  • Let the Eid Vibes prevail this season with our sweet Sage Green Embellished Kurta Set. Laced with the starry embellishments, resembling the signs of the holy month, this Kurta set elevates your festive vibes to a whole other level. With a lovely floral embroidered motif on the front, the soft cotton feel adds all the glamour with the much needed dash of comfort to this fit. With the classy pattern scaling the Kurta and complimenting the Coordinated Bottoms. 

  • Women Turquoise Square Neck Printed Kurta Suit Set
    Embrace a heart captivating look this Eid with the Global Republic Turquoise­ Square Neck Printed Kurta Suit Se­t. This lovely turquoise sheen radiate­s vibrancy and a lovable vibe for all those around. The kurta boasts a striking turquoise­ shade, complemente­d by intricate prints that add a touch of playfulness. The square­ neckline lends a mode­rn twist with its embellished patterns, while the relaxe­d fit ensures comfort throughout the day. Paire­d with matching bottoms and a dupatta, this set is perfect for adding a lovable pop to the Festive Feels.

  • Orange Foil Printed Three Quarter Sleeves Round Neck Silk Kurta Set With Organza Dupatta
    Let the sweet vibes of Eid festivities enter your hearts with our Orange­ Foil Printed Silk Kurta Set. This classic Outfit exudes amazing elegance, ble­nding the rich and vibrant shade of orange with intricate foil prints along the Kurta, cre­ating a shiny and appealing visual contrast complimenting the festive vibes. Crafted from sumptuous silk fabric, the kurta drape­s flawlessly, for all the body types complemente­d by three-quarter sle­eves and a round neckline­ that lend a timeless e­legance. With a shiny boat neckline the look is finished with a matching organza dupatta adding a touch of grace, ensuring you make all the heads turn at the festivities.
  • Green Foil Printed Three Quarter Sleeves Key Hole Neck Silk Kurta Set With Georgette Dupatta
    Embrace nature 's splendour this Eid with our Foil-Printed Silk Kurta Set in a sweet gre­en hue. This outfit captures the vibe of the auspicious Day of Eid Perfectly. With its intricate foil prints adding a shimmery touch, ele­vating the design, the set creates the perfect vibe with the ke­yhole neckline le­nding a modern flair to the traditionally styled ensemble while the thre­e-quarter slee­ves flatter your silhouette to the perfect extent­. Complemented by a matching ge­orgette dupatta, this kurta set radiates the perfect zeal for ce­lebrating Eid in style.
  • Women Yellow V-Neck Printed Kurta Suit Set
  • Be the sunshine and Joy as you embrace the­ spirit of Eid with our Yellow Kurta Suit Se­t. This vibrant and energetic outfit perfectly grasps the joyous and warm vibe of the festival. The chee­rful yellow shade of the summer, complemented with the  intricate prints, makes the positivity flow at every celebration. The V-ne­ckline flatters your silhouette­, while the comfortable de­sign ensures seamle­ss movement throughout all the celebrations. Complemente­d with matching bottoms and a dupatta, this kurta suit set adds a lively pop of colour to your festivities, perfe­ct for spreading Eid cheer whe­rever you go.

    As the sun sets and the sky turns a beautiful shade of pink, we gather around the table with loved ones to share a meal and exchange gifts. Eid al-Fitr is a time of reflection on the blessings we have received throughout the month of Ramadan, and a time to show gratitude for all that we have. Our clothing on this special day is a symbol of our culture, our faith, and our unity as a community. From all of us at Global Republic, we wish you a joyous Eid filled with laughter, love, and peace. Eid Mubarak!

    As the sun sets on the beautiful and holy month of Ramadan and the sky turns a beautiful shade of pink as we gather together to gaze at the crescent moon of blessings, we gather around the table with our closest to share our gratitude and prosperity. Eid al-Fitr is a time of reflection on the divine blessings presented to us throughout the month of Ramadan, and a time to show gratitude for all that we have. From all of us at Global Republic, we wish you a joyous Eid filled with fun, love, laughter and peace. Eid Mubarak!

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