How To Dress Up With The Top And Lower This Summer?

How To Dress Up With The Top And Lower This Summer?

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Crop tops or tees with ripped jeggings? Which would you choose for a group outing? For casual wear, pair jeggings with stylish tops. Read the blog to know how to style lowers with different types of amazing tops. 

Style Tips for Women: What to Wear with Different Lowers

Denim is a year-round staple. jeggings are worn on indecisive days and become second nature. When you can't decide what to wear or don't care. This post will dispel the myth that wearing jeggings means dressing casually. Maybe you prefer ripped jeans with tees to crop tops with jeggings. We've compiled lower-and-tops combinations you'll love.

1.  Jeggings and Short Kurtis

top and jeggings for women

If you prefer short Kurtis and want to try jeggings with tops, you have plenty of options. Pair a summery short Kurti with high-waist jeggings and stilettos.


2.  Black Flared Jeggings with Crop Tops

As much as you love your skinny pants and tight-fit jeggings, play with fashion. Wide-legged pants or black flared jeggings are a safe and trending choice. With a simple white graphic tee knotted up, they can be your best summer companion, especially for a girls' outing or a long day in college. Simple but quirky top-and-jeggings combos are a go-to.

crop top and jeggings

3.  Black Butter Fly Peplum Top and Denim Jeans

Peplum Top and Denim Jeans

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Denim is a longtime trend. Black never disappoints, and a black peplum top with denim jeans or any shorts never goes wrong. Denim outfits for women are great for outdoor events. Before trying this look, keep a few things in mind. In this outfit, avoid long sun exposure. This semi-casual black top and jeggings combo are office-ready. Style this outfit with gold flats or wedges and gold necklaces. Denim on denim is another trend that hasn't left the fashion circuit. If you want to try ripped jeans outfits, just color-coordinate.


4. Crop Tops with High-Waist Jeans

Crop Tops with High-Waist Jeans

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We were already talking about summer, so this is a given. Casual and sporty, pair a cotton crop top in a bright color high-waist jeans. If you don't have a crop top or don't want to buy one, tie a graphic or simple tee into a knot to create one. Ballerinas or heels, depending on the occasion.


5. White Cotton Blouse with Blue Denim Jeans

White Cotton Blouse with Blue Denim Jeans

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Pairing jeggings with a formal blouse can transform your look. Blue denim jeans and a white blouse. A light-colored shirt can also go from desk to dinner. You can wear gingham blouses to work with black or dark blue fitted jeans


Pair Jeggings With A Stylish Top

All the above outfits are for casual outings or work, but this one is for college. Pair store-bought boyfriend jeggings with casual off-shoulder or peplum tops. Work on your upper body so your lower body can be more casual and comfortable, but don't make them both baggy. Chic and comfy is the key to trending

The Global Republic jeggings are comfortable lower for ladies that can be paired up with any kind of top. Adding a pullover, blazer, or accessories can change your look. Don't overthink wearing jeggings on certain occasions; io with your style and comfort. The right pair of jeggings can accentuate your curves and define your style.


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