What to Wear If You have an Apple-Shaped Body

What to Wear If You have an Apple-Shaped Body

When you look good, you feel good- and the key to looking good is understanding how to highlight and embrace your unique body shape. This ultimate style guide will show you the best ways to highlight and dress an Apple-Shaped body. Once you have all the information, dressing your body shape becomes easy. 
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Tips and Tricks for Styling an Apple-Shaped Body

  • Flounce your slender arms and legs.
  • Create an illusion of a waistline and divert the attention away from the mid-section
  • Even though you have prominent hips and thighs don't shy away from flouncing those curves. 
  • Add structure to the top and some angular lines on your body to make it look flatter

Tops for an Apple-Shaped Body

Add a classic Peplum top to your wardrobe if you have an apple-shaped body. It hides the mid-section of your waist. It also creates as illusion of a slender waist. Click here to shop for more Peplum tops.


Flared Top

A flared top defines your top and hides the bulge around your waist area. It also helps in highlighting your slender legs. Click here to shop for more flared tops.

V-neck Top

It reveals your collar-bone and chest drawing the attention away from the mid-riff.  Click here to shop for more V-neck tops.

 Bottoms for an Apple-Shaped Body

High-rise Denim Jeans

A pair of high-rise bottoms creates an illusion of a waistline. It also helps in making your muffin top disappear.  Click here to shop for high-rise denim jeans.

Skinny Fitted Jeggings

Your slender legs are your focal point. Highlight them by wearing a pair of skinny fitted jeggings that contours and correct.  Click here to shop for more skinny fitted jeggings.

Straight-Fitted Lower

The comfort fitted lowers are generally loose around the waist, hiding your bulge. It is a great option if you don’t love super form-fitting pieces.  Click here to shop for more straight-fitted lower.

Dresses for an Apple-Shaped Body

Bias-Cut Dress

Dresses are your best friends. A bias cut dress drapes softly so the fabric does not cling on your body. Click here to shop for more bias-cut dresses.

Off-shoulder Dress

The off-shoulder dress keeps your neckline low and open drawing attention towards your top and collar-bones.  Click here to shop for more off-shoulder dresses.

Mini Dress

The apple shape women are lucky enough to have strong arms and slender legs, so lets show them off!  Click here to shop for more mini dresses.

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