7 Tips you need to know while dressing up for work!

7 Tips you need to know while dressing up for work!

Was the morning again a little short on time for your dress up routine? Well, you were not the only one facing that problem. To make the most out of every minute early morning, a steady dress up routine for work is a prerequisite, especially for the women juggling timelessly between their personal and professional lives. But worry not! We are here to spill the tea from a cup with an endless bottom. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know to navigate the waters of office attires with ease. Let’s begin this quest for functional fashion.

Sorted Wardrobe
1. Plan ahead with a Sorted Wardrobe.
Keeping yourself organised is a must when you are working. Always plan ahead and create an outfit for the coming day to save time. Keep your wardrobe static and occupied with essentials like Well fitted blazers and jumpers that you can throw on and add more depth to your outfit. 

Timeless Dresses
2. Invest in Timeless dresses
Invest in Elegant dresses that can be thrown on in the nick of time. Assort a few such outfits, preferably, one piece that are well fitting and modest. Sheath dresses of a darker shade of blue are also a great addition to the wardrobe.

Wrinkle Free Clothing

3. Choose wrinkle-free fabrics
Do not go for staple fabrics like proper and pure cotton but go for blends like pert polyester or lycra infused fabrics to ensure less wrinkling and increased comfort. Office jeggings paired with supreme skeevy and provide extreme comfort in minimum time with great style.

4. Emphasize on the footwear
Flats and heels that are comfortable and stylish while being easy to pair at the same time. Go for suede or dark coloured footwear Mix and match your favourite sandals or heels with your favourite co-ord sets and slay with each step.


5. Be a player with layers
Layering your outfit with matching additions can provide a lot more depth and professionalism to your Office look. A loosely worn Cardigan over a hugging one piece dress can be a game changer for all your official and unofficial meetings.


7. Prioritise comfort!
After all the prep time you invest your looks, you must remember that these are work outfits and will require the maximum amount of comfort to help you be productive. Choose clothes closer to activewear that allow breathability and keep you fresh for a longer time.

Follow these tips and watch yourself get ready in seconds for a productive and amazing work day ahead. Go on and conquer the world with your workable and stylish outfits!

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