Lycra revolutionized women wear

How has Lycra revolutionized the advent of women's wear?

Women wear has come a long way since the concept of working women emerged. Starting from the large and heavy gowns in factories to tight and uncomfortable pants in the same patriarchal floors, women have been fighting their own battles for comfort. Something that has had major victories since the concept of activewear emerged and with it emerged the concept of Lycra.

Adding to its great elasticity, Lycra not only contributes to better movement but the snug fit helps the wearer feel more comfortable and confident. Here are a few benefits that Lycra infused fabrics have brought forth in uplifting women workwear. 

Better Mobility and Flexibility


  1. Better mobility and flexibility
    Even if you want to run from activity, you would still need to run! Lycra infused fabrics give you the freedom to do that and much more. Given the flexibility factor, Lycra infused fabrics when used for clothing items like jeggings and bottoms, they give you immense freedom and flexibility that translates to comfort irrespective of the job role that you have.

    Breathability and Freshness

  2. Breathability and freshness
    Lycra might be a synthetic add on to the fabric world but it still has a lot more in common to its natural and staple predecessors. With the use of up to 5% of Lycra woven into your usual fabrics, without hampering its moisture wicking or breathing ability, it adds more elasticity without any downgrades.

    Hosiery and Innerwear

  3. Perfect for Hosiery and intimate wear.
    One thing to revolutionize hosiery and intimate wear is the use of Lycra. To have lightweight and sweat absorbent socks and innerwear is a blessing in its own. Also adding in the flexibility factor, Lycra also helps in avoiding the rashes and itchiness in the intimate areas.


  4. Durability and Longer Aesthetic life
    Don’t let its breathability and comfort lure you into a fall sense of fragility. Lycra has shown to be more durable and long lasting in the long run when compared to its predecessors and also maintains the looks and the appeal of the apparel alive for a better and longer period of time.

    Reduced wrinkles

  5. Reduced wrinkles and a better fit.
    Ruining your outfit seconds after you put it on used to be the worst feeling ever! But, this agony was soon replaced by comfort with the use of Lycra infused fabrics being used for daily wear. Added comfort with reduced wrinkles gives you more freedom to move around freely and be more productive during your day at work. 

Knowing about the fabric that has changed our lives for the better feels like an added advantage to the Fashion it brings. 

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