women winter coats

Women's coats that perfectly go with black jeggings.

Winter is at a peak, and we are also heading towards Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Most of us are planning to meet our close ones. These are very special occasions and to look great in it is mandatory. In this situation, coats are best to play the role, and when they complement by black jeggings, then it would be like Woww...

In this blog, we are going to pair some latest trending coats with black jeggings that amplify your looks and makes your social appearance up to the mark.

1.  Women Blue Collared Poly-wool Checked Coat

blue checked women coat

This list of the collection is started with this sophisticated blue poly-wool checked coat that enhances your personality more with black jeggings as, like its partner, this full sleeve and collared neck is made in acrylic fabric. It is a hybrid fabric which known for its durability and warmness.


2. Women Green High Neck Knit Solid Coat

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The second one on the list is green color extended knit coat with big round buttons. Knit coats would never be out of fashion, isn’t it? This green one is undoubtedly chic and perfectly framed with black jeggings and long boots to magnify your looks.  

3. Women Khaki Notched Lapel Solid Coat

khaki colour long coat for women

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The third one is in a khaki solid longline overcoat paired with black jeggings. The astonishing part of this coat is the semi-belt look with cross pockets which are not only functional but also enough spacious. The Shell material of the coat is wool, and the lining fabric is polyester which keeps you snug with brutal winters. This excellently matches with black jeggings and makes it to wear in outing and office.     



4. Women Pink High Neck Knit Solid Coat

 pink colour long coat for women

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The next one is a high neck Knit solid coat in pink color. The premium quality of acrylic makes it ideal for outdoor and party wear. This flawlessly stitched coat is perfectly befitting for after-work or after-college parties. 

5. Women Grey Notched Lapel Solid Coat

grey colour long coat for women

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This masterpiece in grey superbly fits women going to work and attending their meetings. The longer length with big buttoned pockets on both sides makes it more comfortable to carry your phone and small articles. 

6. Women Brown Polyester Solid Coat

brown colour winter coat

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This polyester coat is faux-fur with some degree of fluffiness which makes this coat look minimal and so elegant. This coat is the ultimate cozier in dip winters and is best accompanied by black jeggings.


7. Women Brown Collared Checked Polyester Coat

 brown checked winter coat for women

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If you want a fashion statement, then this coat looks and feels great in cooler temperatures. The last in a row is a collared polyester coat with a brown print. Women of all age groups love the color combination of this style, and this checked coat also supplements the grace of all ages. 


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