5 super features of jeggings that every women should know about

5 super features of jeggings that every woman should know about

Jegging is one of the most wearable item by Indian women and to make it more comfortable and efficient, we have come with this blog which features 5 most desirable quality in jeggings which every women must know about. these features are stretchability, mobile friendly pockets, breathable fabric. 18+ hours wearable, super soft and comfortable.
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When you ask a woman for her best pair of bottom wear, it must be jeggings in most cases. It is perfectly wearable to all ages and shapes of women, whether she is a homemaker, working woman, or a college-going girl. After jeans, jeggings are the most loved ones by women.  

In the last 2000s, when the tighter style of pants was coming in demand, jegging came out as a solution. Since then, we have seen tremendous transformation in style, color, and fabric.

We have selected 5 most essential features which every jegging must have


1. Stretchability is a key 

Dark blue jeggings with pink full sleeves top

The most desirable feature that every woman wants in jegging is its stretching ability. Many of us do not stick to the same weight, our body shape and figure keep changing with time. To feel fit and comfortable every time, jegging should be stretchable enough to fits you. Considering jeggings are made for you, you are not made for it, right.


2. Mobile-friendly pockets

pink jeggings with full sleeves white top

It feels unpleasant and hectic to carry your smartphone and other small items in your hand. The only issue is that the pockets are not available. As per the history of clothing, the first garment for women with pockets was available by The Workman's Guide, published in 1838. So why should we still be chasing it in the 21st century? Jegging with comfortable pockets is a must feature and makes your hands free too. This is a perfect feature for college and traveling girls.


3. Breathable Fabric

checked jeggings with full sleeves yellow top    

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Almost every one of us has faced sweating and itching issues with our wearables during summer. This is because the fabric of the garment is not skin-friendly and makes you trapped in a volcanic eruption. Making jegging’s fabric breathable is not rocket science, just a perfect combination of cotton-poly, spandex, and other fabric in the right proportion. This is the best feature for office working women, homemakers and WFH women. 


4. 18+ Hours Wearable 

maroon color jegging with sleeveless white top

If you combine your office hours with traveling time, it would be around 11 hours out of 24 hours and if you are going for a party after that, then it would be more hectic to manage the situation. To make you out of this, jegging should be enough comfortable, durable and, wrinkle-free so that you can wear it confidently for long hours.


5. Super soft and comfortable

models wearing jeggings sitting on couch

As a jegging wearer feeling beautiful with jegging is a result of being soft and comfortable. If a person feels comfortable from inside, then only looks confident from outside and gives her 100% at what she is doing. Actually, this feature only appears when all of the above-mentioned features combine flawlessly and give you a perfect pair of jeggings.   

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