Different body shapes and types

How to identify your Body Shape

Understanding your body shape.
Have you ever wondered what body type are you? Internet spouts words like hourglass and apple body shape, but how many people can actually define their body type?
That said, we strongly believe that every body type is so beautiful! Giving it a name just helps in finding that perfect dress or that one great pair of jeans! It helps in working with different colors and prints and fits, to accentuate the best in you!
So grab your measuring tapes as we walk you through the various bust to waist to hips ratios that determine your body shape! Remember to place the measuring tape on the narrowest part of the waist and the fullest part of the bust and hips.
Hourglass Body Shape
Hourglass Body Shape
Hourglass is typically considered as the most ideal body type across the globe, probably because it’s phenomenal presence in our media and entertainment. A tiny waist with voluptuous hips and bust are considered as something to aspire for. These aspirations have fueled various industries including cosmetic surgeries and supplements.
While we agree that centuries of conditioning has made us all biased towards it, it is just one of the body types that got the spot light between so many, equally beautiful ones.
For hourglass, the circumference of your hips has to be just slightly bigger, or equal to your bust measurement. The waist on the other hand, is at least 11-13 inches smaller than the hips and bust measurement. This results in an hourglass like shape!
Pear/Triangle Body Shape
Pear Shaped Body
This is a less understood body type, and is usually confused or clubbed with the hourglass given the narrow frame requirement and the heavy hips that define it. The lower body in women with such body type is significantly heavier than the upper body resulting in the pear or triangle like shape!
The hip circumference is more than bust by at least 2 inches. The pear body type has narrower shoulders and the difference between waist and bust measurement is 4 inches or less.
Apple/Circle Body Shaped
Apple Body Shape
This body type is characterized by waist size more that the bust and hip size, resulting in a possibly protruding stomach. The bust is equal or slightly bigger than the hips.
Again, centuries of defining the perfect women has resulted in general aversion to this body type. But it is a complete pleasure to style this body type! The women look so astoundingly remarkable with the right outfit, it is unmatched!
Rectangle Body Shape
Rectangle Body Shape
This body type is also called the straight body type.
The size doesn’t matter, in this body type and otherwise. Whether you are size S or XXL, if the bust and hip measurements are almost equal, 2`and the waist measurement is within 75% of the bust and hips, you’ve a rectangular body type!

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