What to Wear If You have a Rectangle-Shaped Body

What to Wear If You have a Rectangle-Shaped Body

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When you look good, you feel good- and the key to looking good is understanding how to highlight and embrace your unique body shape. This ultimate style guide will show you the best ways to highlight and dress a Rectangle-Shaped body. Once you have all the information, dressing your body shape becomes easy. 
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Tips and Tricks for Styling a Rectangle-Shaped Body
-  Create an illusion of a waistline because your waist is more straight than curvy. 
-  Rectangular body shape is easiest to style, which is why most models in the fashion industry have rectangular body shape. Hence, any clothes would just look good on you
-  However, If you are trying to camouflage your lack of curves, asymmetrical silhouettes should be your go to.
Tops for a Rectangle-Shaped Body
Peplum Top 
A peplum top looks great on a rectangle body type. It creates an illusion of slimmer waist and wider hips with it's narrow waist stitching and flare right above your hips.
Ruched/Smocked Top with Puff Sleeves
The ruched detailing instantly creates an hour glass shape and the dramatic sleeves add structure by defining your shoulders.
Wrap Top
The wrap top not only creates a mirage of waistline but also looks super chic when worn with panache.

Bottoms for a Rectangle-Shaped Body

Flared Lower 
A flared lower not only defines your waist but also fills out your thighs and hips making your body look curvy.
Jeans with back pocket detail
If you do not wish for your buttocks to look flat, then these are your best pair of jeans. It adds extra volume by making you look curvier.
Bootcut Jeans
The hemline of a bootcut jeans adds flow and balances out your straight body!

Dresses for a Rectangle-Shaped Body

Off-Shoulder Dress
An off-shoulder dress adds drama to your outfit by breaking the regular rectangular shape. It also highlights your collarbones.
Color/Print Blocking dress
The simplest way to add shape to your body is by wearing a color or print blocking dress. The color contrast breaks up the straight rectangular shape, giving an illusion of curves.
Asymmetrical Wrap Dress
The wrap pattern adds feminine curves to your body. While the asymmetrical hemline draws attention towards your pretty and slender legs!



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