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How High-Waisted Jeans Best Suited for Pear-Shaped Body

The pear-shaped body type, like all other body types, is super flattering, especially when paired with a dash of confidence. As per the data, every 5th woman in the world is blessed with a pear shape! Technically, your hips measurement should be at least 2 inches larger than your bust to be pear-shaped. Many celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ileana, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Tamannaah, Saina Nehwal, Parineeti Chopra are in the club!

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The pear-shaped woman's problems include the right jeans! Buy jeans for pear-shaped women the perfect fitting jeans, accentuating your thighs, and oh, the waist area is too loose. Isn't it super-uncomfortable?! Well, we have a few suggestions to help you in your hunt for that one perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

To avoid this issue, you just HAVE TO try high-waist jeans as a solution. It is super comfortable and super in any way!

Let us further elaborate and recommend some high-waisted jeans which you should try, they will go with a pear-shaped body jeans type.

1.  Ankle Length Paper-bag jeans

Cropped Paper-bag jeans
paper bag jeans with top

A paper bag waist, as the name suggests, resembles a crushed paper bag from waist length and straight fit till the bottom. Pair it with a snug top or sweater. It also serves the golden rules of proportions- tight (body-hugging) from the top and looses on the bottom to give that perfect and stable look!

2.  Straight boot-cut jeans

Straight boot-cut jeans
straight bootcut jeans

Pear shape bodies have most of the fat on the waist and thigh, so bootcut or wide-leg are the best jeans for pear-shaped body play a vital role in maintaining the perfect balance. By being wide at the ankle opening, it can bring elegance and perfect proportions! It's good to remember that dark-washed jeans are the most effective for making your bottom half look slimmer, and of course, dark colors are the universal favorite! As Pooh from K3G said, black (or dark blue) makes you look thin (and Green makes you look fat)!

3. High rise baggy jeans

High rise baggy jeans
blue denim baggy jeans

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Baggy jeans with shorter hemlines will always remain in trend, isn’t it?
These must be your first choice when it comes to a super cool and casual look. In pear shape body, more specifically, it gives you perfect symmetry by playing up other parts of your body!

4. Flared jeans

Flared jeans
blue flared jeans

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If you are looking for something offbeat and a lighter color, then this light blue flared denim is your new BFF. Flared jeans are like a tight and secure hug on the waist and upper thighs and become flared or broader towards the ankle.

High rise in flared jeans helps give definition to that waistline, and the wide legs skim over the hips and thighs, flaring at the right point to make your legs look elongated!! It looks perfect with both roomy and close-fitted tops. This should definitely be your straight choice!


5. Curvy cut skinny jeans

Curvy cut skinny jeans
curvy cut jeans

In pear body shape, wear skinny curvy pear-shaped body jeans with close ankle length if you’re looking to accentuate your hips in a better way! Skinny at the bottom will work like magic, of course. This super-comfortable snug-fit denim will comfortably fit around your body without any allowance. The dark color makes your legs, and therefore you seem much taller! (No more heels?! :’))

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