leggings Vs. jeggings

Leggings Vs. Jeggings: Women Jegging or Leggings which one is best?

Leggings and jeggings are both one of the most wearable items after denim jeans. Almost 25% of women's bottom wear market is occupied by them, which shows the popularity and usefulness of these two.

In this blog, we are going to explain the difference between leggings and jeggings and which is best in this category. First, we start with leggings.      

What is leggings?

girl in leggings
girl in leggings
Leggings started their journey in the 18th century when it was more prevalent in men and worn by soldiers and animal trappers, initially it was two pieces of cloth and worn separately on both legs. It is usually made from leather, wool, and cotton helps them stay warm and adjust themselves according to their will. 
Now leggings is a single piece of wearable which is skin tight and wrapped around your body like a paint below the waistband, It covers your legs from waist to ankle and worn by men and women both, but after 1960’s and 70’s it is more popular in women fashion and acquired the majority of the market of leggings.


What is jeggings?

girl with jeggings
girl with jeggings
jacket with jeggings

Jeggings is a combination of jeans and leggings, it was got popularity from starting of 21st century when jeans tight-fitting or skinny jeans were in trend and to make it more comfortable, the perfect blend of cotton and spandex (which is known for its elasticity properties) came into existence and become jeggings. 

Jeans+Leggings = Jeggings

jeans and leggings is jeggings
Jeggings don’t have pockets and belt loops. It is accompanied by an elastic waist which is informal in look, but nowadays, some of the manufacturers have re-invented it with pockets and belt loops to make it more useful and versatile. 
In this transformation era, now a new wearable is also evolved which have all the properties of jeggings but looks like a formal trouser named as treggings. It is multi-purpose and multi-functional outwear which can be worn in both casual and formal looks. We will talk about this in later blogs.          


Key differences between leggings and jeggings

1.  Leggings is made with thin fabric in cotton and lycra, nylon, and in winter, some people go for acrylic, wool, or even leather in different colors, designs, and shades. In jeggings, as it resembles skin-fitted jeans, so they usually come in jeans color and designs like blue, black, torn, faded, etc. 

2.  Leggings are tight pants without any pockets and buttons. Jegging is featured with pockets and buttons, which make it more essential and useful.

3.  Leggings is made of comparatively softer fabric which makes them comfortable even in the gym, and jeggings are made with denim material with an elastic waistband, which is perfect for a casual look.

What to wear with leggings?

In today’s scenario, it is very more popular in informal and gym wearables. Check out some of the best pairable outfits with leggings.


What to wear with jeggings?

Jeggings is a fabulous substitute for jeans and are admired by all women of different shape ages and sizes. Some of the outfits perfectly go with jeggings.
girl with jeggings
girl with jeggings
girl with jeggings
sweater with jeggings
coat with jeggings
At last, we have concluded that no one is better than the other they both have their properties and requirement, and in future, we can also see more transformation and improvement in these two to make them more friendly.   

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