Matching footwear for your western attire.

Sole Mates: Elevate Your Western Dresses with Perfect Footwear Picks

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God made a terrible mistake when he decided to create women with just two feet and the urge to wear unlimited styles of Footwear. Well we are here to advise you, so you can make the most out of your two feet and choose the best ones that compliment your favourite outfits. 


Peep Toes

  1. Peep-Toes
    These shoes go perfectly with bare legs. So if you are wearing a short or knee length outfit then go for Peep Toes as they compliment your short dresses beautifully. Look for the best matching Peep Toes and look for contrasting ones if you’re going for leggings.For opaque leggings or jeggings with top, try the flat peep toes.


  2. Stilettos
    To make your legs look slender and more attractive, wear stilettos. With innumerable styling options with both Casual and formal attire. They’re a must have to pair with pencil skirts and slim pants.


  3. Pumps
    Pumps get suited to any outfit with a chic appeal. Trench coats or jackets with skinny jeans paired with some matte pumps will take your outfit’s elegance to a next level. Pantsuits, pencil skirts or short dresses with or without sheer stocking look the greatest when paired with Pumps.

    Low Kitten Heels

  4. Low/Kitten Heels
    If you value the walking comfort over the style factor of the outfit then gow for Kitten Heels. These small heels are less straining on your feet and will always give a satisfactory and elevated look with all your formal wear.


  5. Gladiators 
    Gladiators are, as their name suggests, armed with style. If you have chunky legs go with thicker straps in gladiators and pair them with all your jeggings or jeans clubbed with your favourite tops. Gladiators of knee length with tie strings and boho-inspired dresses or shorts also give a gothy and bold look to your attire. 


  6. Flats
    Flats exist to give meaning to all your favourite casual outing outfits. Pair them with your favourite long skirts, capris, leggings or even bermuda shorts. They keep your long walks comfy and add the best amount of style to your outfits.


  7. Boots
    Boots are the best possible addition to any of your outfits for fall and winter season. Knee length boots add flair to your short dresses while still adding a bold look whereas the ankle length one’s pair perfectly with your favourite jeans and leggings.  

Good shoes will take you to places. Literally! Choose them wisely and watch them never disappoint your style.!

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